Dental Bone Graft

Dental Bone Graft in Philadelphia, PA

Dental Bone Graft

Bone grafts are used in dentistry to replace lost bone from a missing tooth. The bone loss a patient experiences will vary depending on the patient’s oral health, the number of missing teeth, and gum disease. Bone grafts can be a great way of preventing any long-term complications from developing and are sometimes needed when there is not enough bone material for dental implants.

Dental Bone Grafts at Your Local Dentist

When a patient has significant bone loss, a bone graft is necessary if they’re looking to get dental implants. The procedure is relatively straightforward and involves an incision in the jaw before adding bone material to fill in the space. In cases where a major bone graft is needed, the dentist will use bone material from other parts of the patient’s body. This is often referred to as an autograft and is typically only used when there is severe jawbone deterioration. Benefits of having an autograft are that it promotes the formation of new bone and accelerates the healing process. The patient should be able to go back to their routine and diet a week following the procedure. During this time, it’s recommended to stick to a softer diet like yogurt, soup, and porridge. Patients can expect to fully recover between three and nine months, depending on how much bone was grafted, the type of graft performed, and their recovery rate.

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Dental Bone Graft?

Your dentist will generally recommend a dental bone graft only when necessary. Good candidates for bone grafts are people looking to get dental implants to replace missing teeth but have insufficient bone material. Older folk may also choose to get a dental bone graft to improve the appearance of their facial structure. While bone grafts can be a great way of filling in the space when there is insufficient bone tissue, the most common reason patients get dental bone grafts is due to injuries and poor oral hygiene.

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