Charles Tolliferreo Jr., DMD - GENERAL DENTIST

Charles Tolliferreo Jr., DMD


Dr. Charles Tolliferreo Jr., DMD was born and raised in North Philadelphia, where his parents raised him to be excellent academically and mentally. Dr. Charles was class valedictorian in kindergarten and elementary school. During his teenage years he played varsity football for Northeast High School, Basketball for Zion Baptist Church, and was appointed as a United States ambassador for one summer in Sydney, Australia, where he taught young men leadership classes at Northholm Grammar School. 

Dr. Charles graduated with his Bachelor’s of Natural Sciences degree in 2012, from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He then graduated with a Master’s in Biomedical Sciences from Rutgers University in 2014. He then earned his Doctorate of Dental Medicine from The Maurice H. Kornberg School of Dentistry at Temple University in 2020.

He currently lives in Philadelphia with his wife and daughter. He currently serves on Board of Nurturing Smiles LLC as Vice President of Clinical Team, where their mission is to educate and treat periodontal disease for mothers in need of dental care. He is an active mentor to future doctors applying for medical and dental schools. He is an active member in enriching his neighborhood. Throughout his life, Dr. Charles has always stressed the importance of educating and serving his communities in Philadelphia. He is very thankful that he has the opportunity to serve and educate his community about dental health here at Elegance in Dentistry.

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